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Artist Name: 14thill

Who are you?

What makes me different from a lot of other artists is my sound, vision, and vibe. My sound can be described as wide, hard hitting, clean, loud, and energetic or "vibey". A lot of my beats have a feeling that is just me and a lot of my beats sound similar yet refreshing in a way. I take the formula of genres like west coast beats and experiment with how I can extenuate the vibe of the song without taking away from foundation of the sound. As a 16 year old from Denver there isn't many opportunities to grow as A artists, let alone a producer. Despite my restrictions I have a vision that can change An entire scene. I have many influences ranging from Brent Faiyaz , Lucki, Kankan, The Game, and Yeat to Deftones, Crystal Castles, Jpegmafia, and King krule. I make music to bring energy to the world. I hope my music is felt by every and everyone who is like me.

Where are you from?

Denver and im trying to reach out to the city and Detroit. I make west coast and Detroit beats and I have a unique sound to my production that I think can get far in the scene. working with people like 2woface, Nolimit Momoney, Emoney, NezGFG, and more.

How can we follow you?

@14thill everywhere

Song Title: War

Listen to 14thill:

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