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Artist Name: 151 MD

Who are you?

151 MD is unique drill rapper out of Canada who keeps his identity secret with his mask that he is known for, with a goal and a dream to carry out the legacy for his childhood friend "DeeDee" who tragically lost his life to gun violence, DeeDee was actually the one who gave me the nickname MD almost 10 years ago its short for "MadDawg" cuz I was kinda hot headed and mad at the world growing up. I also recorded my first song "No Hook" at Dee's house and he told me keep going and I made a promise I will so now I carry him in my heart and through my music.

Where are you from?

I'm from a rough part of Canada we got a lot of talent out here but we get passed on cuz were from a country everybody thinks is nice and easy.

How can we follow you?


Song Title: Threes

Listen to 151 MD:

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