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Artist Name: 22Slxppin

Who are you?

I’m Very Versatile , I Rap About My Life And Situations I’ve Been In && Made It Out Of I Try Not To Lie Or Fabricate . Has Always Been Apart Of My Life My Family Has Always Done Music And I’d Say They’d Play A Big Part In My Inspiration .

Where are you from?

I’m From Minneapolis , Minnesota && The Music Scene Here Is Very Crazy , It’s Like A Chicago / California In My Eyes We Have Artists That Try And Sound Like They’re Favorite Artist There’s Nothing Wrong With That But You Gotta Step Out The Box And Build Your Own Characteristics . But Nobody Wants To Help It’s A Fee To Everything Of Course But There Really Ain’t Too Many Artists That Wanna Do Collabs And Our Support System Is Very Poor Here .

How can we follow you?

I Can Be Followed On Instagram @ 22Slxppin , My Facebook Page Is @ ShootFirst SG Also You Can Search My Name On Google I Am A Verified Artist . And Im On All Streaming Platforms YouTube , Spotify , Tiktok Music Etc .

Song Title: Get Ha Drillt

Listen to 22Slxppin:

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