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Artist Name: 26Baby

Who are you?

I’m versatile and I like rock and punk music but I do something different from all the music I listen to I prefer new melodies that are penetrating and evolving I like sweet sounds that can make someone mood relax or happy I would say my music is not categorized but my sound if they would ask me I would call it punkmosh…Im wild and a little arrogant on stage I like moshpits I like fans chants and I’m open mind with ideas, most of my music comes from the ideas I get from daily lessons

Where are you from?

I’m a South African artist from north west Rustenburg I grew up in tlokweng silverkraans it’s a rural place I alway been going places and that’s when my music was enhanced to drop I was not really good at music

How can we follow you?




Song Title: Gttm freestyle

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