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Artist Name: 2twenty3 G

Who are you?

Im what I would call a Carolina Drill rapper we pullin up wid 30 sticks and sparking shit slidin and all that but I’m also a lyrical artist with depth In My bars, you might find 2 or 3 relatable things in 1 line. I put my emotions in my songs, vent thru the beat. I have different styles so each song you listen to going to have a different vibe or different meaning because I come at each beat with a different approach.

Where are you from?

100% from Cotti Land which is in North Carolina, follow and tap in to find out more about that. I stand on business with my brothers. music where I’m at is pretty much unoriginal I mean it’s a couple people doing they own thing but we coming this winter with some shit that’s gon bring a whole new wave whole new genre and burn a lot of this other noise out. shout out my nephew 37 Finnesse, my brother Big Philo, shout out my Queen K-Kath and my 3 biggest fans Bub,Monk and Star ayooo WE OUT HERE!!! COTTI GANG

How can we follow you?

Follow me on Instagram @2twenty3_g_374
Subscribe to the vlog channel on YouTube @ Official 2twenty3

Song Title: Okay Freestyle

Listen to 2twenty3 G:

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