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Artist Name: 3rimm

Who are you?

I'm the type of artist that wants to start a following to let kids and teens know that they're not alone what with their going through, I want to get them hyped at shows or when they listen to my music to make them forget their problems for just a few minutes. I'm very mindful and stay in tune with a lot of different music scenes no matter the city or genre I'm always looking out. For the craziest scene right now I'm definitely giving it to North Carolina hardcore, them boys can rock and I wanna be included in that scene music wise and I need to get caught up to speed with what they make, the last hardcore show I went to was vein.FM and it gave me a somewhat new perspective of what the people like in North Carolina.

Where are you from?

Pittsburgh PA, the music scene is… interesting honestly because if you make "different music" then you won't have too many supporters, a good amount of artists in Pittsburgh are heavily influenced by Jimmy Wapo (RIP) the influence that Wapo has on kids today is legendary. I'm happy to see his sound is still alive, oh! I can't forget about Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa too, seeing them do their thing with their fanbase always made me want to be the next one to come up with a huge cult-like following in there, but as far as smaller shows we don't have many for smaller artist, I want to put a change to that for the future youth for kids to rage out and have fun.

How can we follow you?

Im very active over on Instagram @3RIMM and as for where you can listen to my music I'm on all platforms, i recently dropped an album titled "3" and i highly reccoment checking it out. thank you!

Song Title: https://soundcloud.com/gbva/3rimm-x-yung-dastard-1?in=gbva/sets/gnarly-boys-mosh-pit-mix&si=d0c5d1bbef7d47db95f4dc1986b1d8cd&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Listen to 3rimm:

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