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Artist Name: 414PunchGod

Who are you?

I would say I'm just a fun, talented artist who likes to try every type of song genre in order to showcase my versatility as a rapper. I'm only 16 at the end of the day so I'm playing sports for my school and trying to get my assignments in by 11:59 but when I have time, I like to sit down and write catchy verses that get people singing, dancing, and having a good time. I think my bars are complex in the sense that some of them may go over your head the first time but if you listen close enough, you'll pick up on the play-on-word essence of a lot of my songs.

Where are you from?

SHOUTOUT 414 – I'm from Milwaukee where the music scene is constantly changing and midwest rap in general is being influenced a lot by rappers such as Babytron, Certified Trapper and RioDaYoungOG. Beats like the Detroit slapper type beats are being used more and more as the rap game continues to be influenced by these guys. The lyrical structure of the songs puts more of an emphasis on the play-on-word type bars that deliver a more raised approach and a deeper-level of thinking rather than a more melodic sing-along type refrain, verse, and chorus setup that is used elsewhere by guys like Drake and Ye. Overall, the 414 has some really talented rappers out there who simply need the exposure in order to get heard.

How can we follow you?

insta: https://www.instagram.com/cole_ortwein/?hl=en
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-180572799

Song Title: GET PAPER (ProdByFredo)

Listen to 414PunchGod:

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