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Artist Name: 4nimalistic

Who are you?

A lethal spitter. I honestly feel like no one can touch me when it comes to clever bars and just straight up work ethic when im in the lab. The stuff i have out is just the tip of the iceberg. I dont think they ready for what i have in the vault not gonna lie

Where are you from?

CT!! Connecticut has some of the most underrated artists and producers out there, like shoutout Indigo B1ack he's a dope artist. Like, growing up i listened to like Anoyd, Apathy and Chris Webby who are also some insane CT artist you should check out if you haven't already

How can we follow you?

Yall can find me here!

Song Title: Bonsai Money Trees (REMIX) [feat. Aqua Raps, DMAD, HunterWitDatSht & Melen Kälē]

Listen to 4nimalistic:

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