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Artist Name: 76Saints!

Who are you?

I am an experimental artist, I quit music two years ago bc my mental got so bad at one point, but I'm back now and now know what I have to do..
I mainly look to do what makes me happy, so I try to be very diverse because i cant stay on one thing for so long it pains me, I'm always looking to experiment, because of those that I take influence from such as X, and Kenny Mason.

Where are you from?

I'm from a small town that's based in Saskatchewan Canada, Growing up I wouldn't listen to that much artist's because I wanted to stay true to myself and have fun. The music scene here is kinda lacking, ofc we have times2salute and illiano but there isn't any one else, we are lacking that one person to influence to youth..

How can we follow you?


Song Title: Ice Palace

Listen to 76Saints!:

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