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Artist Name: AkumaBoi

Who are you?

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My style is based off my emotions or how I'm feeling. My music has no boundaries or box. No specific genre. I experiment with sounds that I think sound good, paying homage to all my inspirations. I would say I'm very versatile, and adaptable. Music has came naturally to me since I was a child. I think it would be cool to show the world my talents, my point of views, and just make people dance !

Where are you from?

I'm from Orillia, Ontario, Canada. The music scene is popping now ! So many great artists doing what they love. A lot of collaborations happening ! I've never been more inspired. I have my own group and we make all of our own music, videos and content. The group is called WEARDOZ and we have over 20 members. We have our own Underground shows and a lot of people actually show up and have a great time. We plan on doing more shows, more ways to give back to the community and creating some of craziest stuff the world has ever seen. We are a group focused on Positivity and Consciousness through Creation. Started by AkumaBoi in 2014, WEARDOZ is a Platform for like minded Artists can come together to create the best of Art. Music, Videos, Photography, Graphic design are just some of the things we do together. The original WEARDOZ Youtube accumulated almost 50,000 views and almost 500 subscribers, was taken down in late 2017 Shoutout my whole team ! @akumaboi @weardoz #akumaboi #weardoz

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Song Title: Luna 🌙

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