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Artist Name: Aldo Buzzi

Who are you?

Aldo Buzzi has been around for some time in the music and art scene in New York City and surrounding area’s of the tri state. Playing in the early days of the Punk and New Wave scene in the city clubs such as the Mudd club, Interferon, Earths End, The Peppermint Lounge, among many other famous venues of that era. Two distinct bands that Aldo had formed and played with were, The Lampshades and Vinyl Flesh. The Lampshade produced a 45 that was recorded at Radio City Music Hall studio in 81′ called ‘”Not Sold Separately”. Many influences over the years have driven the music in so many different directions that has expanded Aldo’s artistic value’s and creativity of his music. From progressive & alternative rock to Reggae to New Wave, punk and back to good old Rock n Roll -so many influences has driven Aldo’s musical repertoire. In the past 20 years Aldo has written, played and produced 5 albums and 4 singles now another single release called Wild Cat!

Where are you from?

New York, Long Island
Music scene sucks – Barley no live venues anymore

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Song Title: Wild Cat

Listen to Aldo Buzzi:

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