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Artist Name: AM3THY$T MXXN

Who are you?

To be honest looking at myself as an artist it's hard for me to describe myself because i can create anything and from my last song "Vampire Queen AKASHA" i had people saying that it sounded like it came from another planet and it had them feeling like they was in a different universe or the feeling of being out of their body's, so to be honest i don't know what i am.

Where are you from?

I'm from North Carolina Winston Salem and the music scene here is ok i guess because you really can't find other artist like me you know like the creative ones but other than that the music is good i hope we get to see more creativity soon here.

How can we follow you?

You can find and listen to my music on all streaming platforms but you can't find me on social media i don't use that.

Song Title: Vampire Queen AKASHA

Listen to AM3THY$T MXXN:

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