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Artist Name: Apaulo Jupiter

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About Apaulo Jupiter:

Originally a classical trained actor, Apaulo Jupiter is also trained as a classical singer and learned to play the piano from very early age on. Throughout many years he composed a lot of music but never published it until he was encouraged to do so. He is heavily influenced by classic jazz and swing music but also by 80s and 90s Pop Music and combines them to develop his own style. All his music is completely self-composed and produced.

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About Apaulo Jupiter:

About the song:

Mr. NightyNight is a hommage to jazzy musical numbers from old times and especially inspired by a mix of Disney and Tim Burton-style Villains.

The character "Mr. NightyNight" himself embodies the unknown thing that keeps you up at night and serves you the most absurd thoughts and feelings while all you want is to fall asleep.

The song is a mix between Jazz, Swing and even some Waltz thrown in there. If you enjoy classical Disney musicals, you'll love this song as well.

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Song Title: Mr. NightyNight

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