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Artist Name: Ari 2k

Who are you?

My stage name is Ari 2k. I got this because my first name is Ari, and I was born in 2006, so I shortened that down to 2k. I’ve always had a passion for music, ever since I was like 3 years old, I’d be playing guitar. I learnt piano at about 12. Now I’m 16 and yeah I jus be rapping and all that. I’m pretty creative, I pull up a beat I fuck with, hop on the mic and boom, freestyle a whole song about how I’m feeling at the moment from start to finish, then go back over it and add the adlibs. I take a lot of inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD, JID and A$AP rocky.

Where are you from?

I’m from Gold Coast Australia. There’s a lot of great underground music here. There’s a lot of talented hip hop, rock and Techno artists. Nobody from Gold Coast has really made it mainstream so a lot of the local artists aren’t known worldwide.

How can we follow you?

Here’s a link to my soundcloud. Not on Spotify or Apple Music yet, looking to upload there once I get a bigger fan base.

Song Title: The One (prod. Axnuke, frankieontheguitar)

Listen to Ari 2k:


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