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Artist Name: Aukword

Who are you?

I'm a multifaceted artist when it comes to the way that I write and the genres I can move between. When I write, I let the beat invoke the emotions and memories that turn into wavy flows and deep word play. I'm often labelled under "alternative pop" by my peers. I like to have fun with vocal inflections and backings  when I rock a song by myself but I love to work with different artists (rappers/vocalists/instrumentalists) from different genres to make unique music.. most of which was performed at live gigs and not recorded pre-COVID. When I'm not recording singles for release, I often play around on LOFI beats with groovy bass lines.

Where are you from?

I'm based in Durban, South Africa. My local scene (city and most of my country) is mostly a local flavour of house or amapiano. The music scene tends to move more towards instrumental powered music with minimalistic lyrics, usually "feel good". The language is also usually non-English or a blend of different languages (local) and we have 11 official languages. My city, however, is known for having a problem with Gatekeeping by music veterans.. so artists like myself are often urged to leave to another city (Johannesburg) in order to make a name for ourselves or build a fanbase.. it's a bit of a problem for prospective artists.

How can we follow you?

IG: @aukword_sa


Song Title: Mandatory (Whine That) – Aukword [Prod. Aeonmunk]

Listen to Aukword:

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