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Artist Name: Ayush Dutta

Who are you?

I am Ayush Dutta, a.k.a. GrossWaves, I make musics based on Trap, Drill, Future Bass, Hip-hop,etc. Whatever I like to make. I am an Indian Bharatnatyam dancer,who is the disciple of the professional Bharatnatyam dance teacher "Guru Mukul Ahmed". I am the "Nritya Maharathi 2020","National Icon 2020","The Versatile Dancer 2020". I was the finalist of IDYFF 2021, which was held in Perth, Australia, and also one of the three Indians who were selected for the IDYFF for the first time ever, and his dance was presented in IDYFF Gala Screening Awards, my name was also mentioned in the two Indian perspective Australian magazine, i.e, G'day India and The Indian Weekly , and in the Indian Newspaper Bhaskar . I was the 1st runners-up of the Nrityanganam 2.0. I am the founder and C.E.O. of Grasp Games Ayush Dutta™ and Grasp Games Ayush Dutta- Music. I am also an Assamese child actor.

Where are you from?

I am from India, and here is all the colours of music, starting from Indian Classical to Metal, reggae, trap, etc.

How can we follow you?

Website:- https://clic.ly/ayush-dutta
Website (games):- https://graspgamesayushdutta.itch.io
SoundCloud:- https://soundcloud.com/grosswavesofficial

Song Title: Heroic Wars

Listen to Ayush Dutta:

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