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Artist Name: Billie London.

Who are you?

I’m that artist that you’ve always wanted,I’ve never and I’ll never claim to be the one to restore the game back to life because it was never dead, I’m a firm believer that the rappers in Nigeria didn’t want to put in more work, instead they’d rather diss themselves and shiittt like that. But I’m me, every song I drop is me being real, cah it comes from the heart. You should give me a try and you’ll want more of my music.

Where are you from?

I’m from Lagos,Nigeria. The support for Afro-beats has been massive over the years, it’s also made a couple creatives quit rapping and go into Afrobeats. I’ve seen rappers trend and die down because the love for rap in Nigeria isn’t a big one. But, you know. I dare to be different,that’s why I’m out here,unique. A diamond in the rough still.

How can we follow you?

If you care to follow up on London’s Journey then here’s a few links. https://www.instagram.com/disturbnldn/

Song Title: Whatever

Listen to Billie London.:

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