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Artist Name: Boom & The Bapious

Who are you?

I am a sampled-based Hip-Hop beatmaker mostly focused on sampling Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, and Prog Rock, yet not limited to other genres.
I like simple and practical things in life and that translates into my beats. More of Old School oriented, I tend to keep things simple yet effective
and I utilize a bare minimum of arrangements around the core melody loop. Experimenting with the sound using a variety of wave shaping tools like saturation/distortion is something that I like to implement into my beats, and I am talking about the drum section.
Bottom line, I have developed a unique recipe based on years of experience and it works, the aim here is to leave a unique sonic print that will distinguish
I from the rest like 9th Wonder and Apollo Brown did for themselves.

Where are you from?

Hello, my name is Stevan, I go by the artist's name Boom & The Bapious and I am a Serbia-based Hip-Hop/Boom Bap/Old School beatmaker.
The music scene here, when it comes to Hip-Hop, is pretty strong. All variations of a new wave of Hip-Hop are present and Trap is the most popular.
Yet, we are not short of extremely talented Old School beatmakers and MCs. Shout out to Marlon Brutal, BG Syndicate, Bdat Dzutim, Blokovski,
Grasshopper, Sensei, Ogi Feel The Beat, and many others.

How can we follow you?

SoundCloud link "https://soundcloud.com/user-124486523"
ReverbNation link "https://www.reverbnation.com/monobeats6?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav"
The YouTube channel is under content re-construction at the moment.

Song Title: Modern Day Samurai

Listen to Boom & The Bapious:

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