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Artist Name: BRUJACARA

Who are you?

Iconoclastic eccentric. I am an anomaly as an artist because I mix and match sounds from a variety of crooks & crevices that most artist wouldn’t dare mesh. I am a portal for a new musical wave. My name translates to “witch face” in English and I play on this by changing the i to a y “wytchface” ; this is to beg the question, “which face do you wear when you present yourself to the world?” I bring people’s personalities together by creating soundscapes that allow for transformative collaboration and growth

Where are you from?

I go by brujacara and I reside in houston Texas. The music scene is mostly monotonous r&b and upcoming hip hop that all sounds the same. I however bring an experimental electronic flare to the city.

How can we follow you?


Song Title: BOIPUZZY

Listen to BRUJACARA:

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