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Artist Name: brxno.

Who are you?

I am a small artist, without recognition, but with great meaning. I try my best to modernize the music, with mixes and remixes that update the listening pattern and make it more comfortable for the viewer. I see myself as an artist who is always up to date, and always trying to offer the best quality of current music, working in various styles, such as electronic music, trap, rap, chill, rock, alternative and many others. Absolutely none of my listeners criticize or give negative words when listening to my songs, precisely because of the quality and the willpower to make music in a different way, but which is still extremely comfortable and consumable by whoever is listening. It's a new perception of music 🙂

Where are you from?

Hello. My name is Breno, and I'm from the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is in Brazil. Here, the dominant style is Funk RJ and Trap, with an impactful and heavy rhythm. Another feature is its lyrics full of sexual connotations, drugs and crimes. However, there are some creators and producers who like to differentiate and break out of the local cliché music, making art and modernizing electronic music, and one of them is me!

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Song Title: Errorm4cro – Take Me (brxno. remix)

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