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Artist Name: bsrwashere

Who are you?

18 y/o Artist from India who makes music in English (if I didn't tell you I'm from India, you never would have known because my accent is very "American"). My love for all form and genres of Music inspired me to become an artist who isn't restricted by a single Genre. Having made music in various Genres like Lyrical Rap, Melodic Rap, Trap, Emo Rap, Drill, R&B, I am always looking to expand into various different Genres. One can expect different styles and cadences of music pretty often from me since I am always experimenting with my sound.

Where are you from?

From Kolkata, India. A lot of New Artists have surfaced recently, Rap & Hip-Hop are more popular than ever here in India. Music here is mostly in Hindi language but there are a few exceptions like myself, who prefer to make music in English.

How can we follow you?

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bsrwashere
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BSR21

Song Title: Magic

Listen to bsrwashere:

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