By promoting my music on Soundcloud will I get more followers on my other social networks?

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Promoting your music on SoundCloud can certainly help you gain more followers on your other social networks, but it’s not a guarantee.

When you promote your music on SoundCloud, you’ll be reaching a new audience of music lovers who may not be following you on other social networks. By engaging with this audience and promoting your other social media channels, you may be able to convince some of them to follow you on other platforms as well.

However, it’s important to note that the conversion rate from SoundCloud listeners to followers on other social media platforms may vary depending on your music and your audience. Some listeners may simply enjoy your music on SoundCloud and not be interested in following you on other platforms.

To increase your chances of converting SoundCloud listeners to followers on other social networks, you can include links to your other social media channels in your SoundCloud profile and in the descriptions of your tracks. You can also engage with your SoundCloud followers and encourage them to follow you on other platforms. By building a strong relationship with your SoundCloud audience, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll follow you on other platforms as well.

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