Can Soundcloud penalize my account for promoting my music?

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Soundcloud has guidelines and policies that users must follow when using their platform. While promoting your music is generally allowed, there are certain guidelines that you should keep in mind to avoid any penalties.

One important guideline to consider is the SoundCloud community guidelines. SoundCloud prohibits any activity that is spammy, misleading, or manipulative. This means that you should avoid engaging in practices such as buying fake plays, likes, or followers, as this can lead to penalties on your account.

Additionally, SoundCloud prohibits any copyrighted content, and uploading copyrighted content may result in the removal of your track or even the suspension of your account. So make sure to only upload music that you own or have the rights to use.

In summary, promoting your music on SoundCloud is generally allowed, as long as you adhere to the platform’s community guidelines and policies. Make sure to avoid spammy or manipulative tactics, and only upload music that you own or have the rights to use to avoid any penalties on your account.

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