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Artist Name: CheVy

Who are you?

Music found me; I would freestyle a rhyme or just loved to speak how I felt at the moment. I was at a school assembly and the MC said, “If you have what it takes, step up!” So, I got up. I remember the spot light on me, holding the mic in my hand, just looking, because at that moment I could not figure out why, at this moment, this position just felt right, like I was supposed to be here. One day walking down the hallway at school, a teacher said,” I heard you do music and that you’re good, but why don't you do music with the other students”? I replied, “I’m only Talented Affiliated” the look on his face was priceless. This road has been a tough one. To nearly losing everything apartment and car. To losing everyone i started with. Now being a solo Artist/Producer. To near death experiences. Took a lot of losses. I never quit. I never gave up. An nether should you. I want to bring a different vibe and sound, touch the Hearts of every ear that hears my voice and give God the credit and glory, because he gave me such an awesome gift.
I said all that to say i came back to far now to turn back.
Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok/Youtube – chevystarz

Where are you from?

Grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio The music scene is mild but far as lately its some nice events coming up in he fall.

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Song Title: Ring Ping

Listen to CheVy:

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