Choosing Production: Tory Lanez Type Beat

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Choosing Production: Getting Started

For any rapper or singer, choosing production can be a tricky task. Whether you intend to or not, it is likely that you model your sound off of music you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Be unique in your delivery and sound – and make it your own. Whether you want Soundcloud promotion real to choose a Drake style track, DaBaby, or even a Tory Lanez type beat… do it in your own way. View Maniac has recently teamed up with some music SoundCloud producers to bring you professional beats vetted by music industry experts. Our focus for today will be hot to make a hit with a free type beat 2020.

Choosing Production: The Basics

With our focus geared toward a free Tory Lanez type beat, we can break down the appropriate sounds necessary to turn this track into a hit. “Time 4 U” begins with a short synth-based bell loop. This sets the tone for the track. The bell is accompanied by a low moog styled synth bass. After the short intro, the drums kick in. Modern but clean trap style percussion with vocal runs panning side to side. This kind of Tory Lanez type beat 2020 is something you could hear him singing along to. However, it is possible he would break into his fast-paced flow. Furthermore, the next section of the beat switches the bell sound while playing the same melody. Most noteworthy, the moog-bass is replaced by 808 drums with a bouncy pattern. This is typical in the current state of hip hop.

After 4 bars of the bell change, there is a synth melody that rides the intended melody of the track. This would be a perfect place to sing over. The beat’s structure loops back to the intended chorus section. Additionally, the format stays the same for the next verse. It should be noted that this Tory Lanez type beat with hook keeps a traditional structure. As you would expect the third verse to come rolling in after the hook – you are greeted by a sweeping LFO opening up the track to create tension into the final hook. If you are choosing production with the intention of building a great song, this is how you want Soundcloud promotion real to structure a track.

Keep an eye on View Maniac as we are releasing new beats every Friday. Affordable prices keep your project budget friendly while providing a major sound. Get started today!

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