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Artist Name: Chris Jankebueno

Who are you?

The fitness world is obsessed with weights and cardio. However, a good fitness program doesn't start in the weight room, or on any piece of cardio equipment. It starts with simple core exercises and stretches with no equipment needed that will put the “feel good” back into your fitness program.
Whether your goal is to add muscle, lose weight, or get rid of your back pain, the foundation is the same. ​My mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals without having to "work" so hard. "No pain no gain" is DEAD!!

Where are you from?

I'm from United State, Health in the Real World Podcast brings together personal trainers, doctors, motivational speakers, massage therapists, chiropractors, weight loss gurus and clients, acupuncturists, and inspirational and healthy people of all kinds.

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Song Title: Health in the Real World

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