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From making top-notch soundtracks for some of the biggest projects in the world including asian and many more online projects,being awarded 'best new sync artist in the world of 2022' by music crowns awards over other similar sync artists to getting endorsements from some of the world's largest brands.This is how chris level is influencing other composers in the industry!
Chris level is a rwandan professional sync artist that's paving a global success for himself in the sync industry.He's come a long way from the teenager who was busking for the public's attention to now a global phenomen in the sync world at age 18!.Little do people know he's first songs were funded by the money he got from selling his phone and laptop…so sad but it went well for him after.
Many would argue that getting your soundtrack used in 400 videos and projects is not success,and yeah it's easily understandable and we've seen "recording" artists getting their songs used in millions of videos but the thing that separates chris with them is that the creatives and people who wanted to use a soundtrack from him paid chris to use his soundtrack while the "recording" artists had to pay to get their songs used,a complete difference! And not to speak on the issues of payola that the music industry engages in contrast to the sync licensing industry, it's not the same thing and it's clear that chris level is doing well and set to be skyrocketed to even more stardom and success in this business.
"Well,when i'm thinking about what is the value i'm offering to the people who wants to use my soundtracks it always gets to the point i'm thinking of what would hans zimmer or alan silvestri do or offer these people,it's just not always about me and my music but rather than the people who enjoy it" chris level said during our brand education interview with him,chris added "when i'm writing a song and i'm in the studio,I brainstorm so much that I take 10 rests per hour.its really hard to come up with the perfect soundtrack". Chris level rise to the top is a mysterious and over-whelming journey,not only chris level had his first song ever to be used by many influential people and within huge projects but also chris level's social media fanbase all over the world across all continents blew up and led to endorsements from the world's biggest companies like hair and fashion brands, chris level was getting hit on by major names like ayo'i,major food companies like pitbossgrills among others and music supervisors alike looking to use his song and paying up large fees that he could have never dreamed about. Chris level was estonished of this so much so that he took a whole month to study this kind of business and as of next year he will be looking for a manager and a music library to work with which will help handle the business side of things and allow him to make the best music he approved to make over and over again. Chris level soundtracks are completely different than other composers's soundtracks from their lyrical content,arrangement,mood structure,musical melodies and to the powerful and moody voice of his. Chris level's producer "kushbeatz" is the producer behind his record breaking soundtracks and he also helped him achieve his unique sound through his proffesional production skills and hours and hours of creativity rolling.
"I'd have been a film actor if the music didn't went well all of a sudden,but it's a real pleasure to make music for movies(in the future),it combines the fact that i always wanted to be in the film business with the fact that i love singing…for me it's unbelievably exceptional to combine the two" chris level said.Not many music composers and singers in the sync licensing industry achieve this kind of quick success,and it's hard to see chris level's achievement dwindling rather than growing. "To me it's a warm up but I take this seriously" said chris level.
Chris level's soundtracks seem to be in-high demand right now and accordingly it seems as if he will be taking over hollywood and the world so soon…and this saying can't be undone cause not only is he becoming really quickly the most sought-after sync artist but he also have other things going on for him including:major brand endorsements that will pay him hundreds of thousands a year in the near future,business ventures among other things he is planning to take on his journey.
Chris level is an absolute phenomenal in the sync licensing industry and his on his way to build one of the most reputable legacies in the world,so let's keep an eye on him and his talent to churn out extra-talented and completely unique soundtracks!
Easier said than done "in this business it's all about working really hard,but people don't get it all they want is quick achievements" said chris and he also added "I was called an idiot,worthless boy and I was called all those names by who I thought were my friends.they laughed at me when I was working hard like day and night and sometimes skipped class and i didn't see results and to be honest I've spent 4 years before I've started to see anything at all…this is my 5th year". All this hard work comfirmed for chris and now he is quickly becoming one of the most sought after sync artists on the globe!.
He's story is really different to hans zimmer's cause for chris level it wasn't about meeting the right person at the right time,it all grew organically and boom,he's soundtrack was picked up by so many people in the industry that he just opted for it to be used freely…it was over-whelming,from asia within india and iran to brazil and the us,his success was truly global and for now we can't say much more than just congratulations,many sync artists never achieve this and if,never this quick and if,never this BIG!
Planning to start making music for big budgeted films,ads etc in the near future,but it will not make chris forget online creators too cause he's planned to release each year a compilation of high quality music made specifically for online creators to use….it will be not as expensive as the norm tho,the comp named "the e-creator soundtrack compilation" will be made of 5 to 6 tracks that any creator can access and use.

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Rwanda,and it's pretty cool

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Song Title: Lose Ma Cool Soundtrack

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