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Artist Name: Cloubel Only

Who are you?

Kezimana Cloubel Peter Killy Oreste also known as Cloubel Only on Social Medias Born at 30th September in 2003 at Kirundo Burundi.
Cloubel Only start His Primary School in 2008 at Budahunga 2 Schoolin Bwambarangwe Commune , Kirundo Province.

Cloubel Only Finished His Primary School in 2015 at Budahunga 2 School.
2016 Cloubel Only Gone AT Ngozi Commune to study in 7th at LSS Ngozi (Lycée Soleil du Savoir de Ngozi ) But Hé didn't Want to stay and He moved to Gitega Province, Giheta Commune to continue to study where He started in 8th at ETM Giheta (École Technique Moyenne de Giheta ) where He Finished His Foundamental School in 9th After Done National Exams of 9th in 2018.
Cloubel Only Continue A Post Foundamental School in Languages section at Budahunga Communal Lycee in 2018/2019 in that Year He failed and He Decided to move to Kigozi Communal Lycee in 2019 Where He Finished His Secondary School in 2022 .

Where are you from?

I'm from Birundi

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Song Title: OnlyOne

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