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Artist Name: CofiCarrera

Who are you?

I'm a conscious person, I've always been such a overthinker and I've spent every second of my life since around around 6 filled with curiosity and constant anxiety and being able to talk to someone through my music is something I've always aimed for, forever changing the way I write music, making it more or less dark and apparent that there's either a storyline through each of my tracks or just something I've been thinking over and over stopping me from sleeping and losing myself outside in the after hours. Recreating my dark experiences and even exploring the negative moments of my life have always pushed me harder to work on music and talk a lot like a therapy session through my songs and projects. I just hope soon in the future I'm able to have the support and success to build visual pieces that connect directly with my sonic universes.

Where are you from?

I'm the capital city of England – London, UK. Where I come from, where I was born is deeply multicultural when it comes to music. Known talented artists from the city and country like James Blake, Jorja Smith, FKA twigs, Dua Lipa and PinkPantheress and even Central Cee have deeply had an influence on my sounds especially the electronic experimental side of the culture when it comes to that area of the genres of Dance and Pop. From being a small part of the British Dance scene to going through phases and going through genres such as Garage, Dance Pop, Electronic in my early experiences with developing as a young producer (at the age of 11) making music in my living room with cheap earphones to distract myself with the noise outside and getting in my zone to make me forget a lot of my issues going through my mind at such a young age to still being in the same space but a million times worse but this time taking this music thing more seriously and trying my best to develop as a full time artist, producer and songwriter at 16 and being in a different space with music making Dark Pop, R&B / Experimental songs influenced with my early work from 2017-19 while trying to make what I want and sometimes struggling to make my audience really connect, I'm forever changing as a person and I'm always gonna give credit to my influences and the music culture around London.

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Song Title: don't you leave me behind

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