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Artist Name: D-shade

Who are you?

I am a very versatile artists when i am in the studio but most of my comfort comes when i merge hip hop /rap and R&B, so i sing and rap on the same song or different songs

Where are you from?

Im a south african based producer and a rapper from a small town in the Province of Gauteng called Randfontein. If i would decribe our music scene here is massive especially because of the names in the international music industry that come from South africa, but for small independent artists like myself its hard to get out there hence we look for service like this

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow on Instagram @d_shade_ or and can listen to my music on my verified spotify here https://open.spotify.com/artist/1MdGWm8PJ4kyifF9M7mshr?si=4jx7t7GmTuangBs9AV7IpA&utm_source=copy-link

Song Title: Psycho drive

Listen to D-shade:

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