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Artist Name: d3nxz3l

Who are you?

The type of music I produce is different from many SA artists. Since I listen to many USA artists I picked up a sound that captured my essence "Glitch Core", I first heard the sound while listening to underground rappers such as Baby Santana, Slump6s etc. I feel like I can introduce the sound to many South Africans since I Produce such Music and I also Digg melodic Rapping

Where are you from?

Well I'm from South Africa JHB Soweto home of many successful Artist, the place has a exquisite taste in music and I grew up listening to different artists like Nasty C, Stilo Magolide Etc. Way back Soweto was mostly known for Afro pop and its artists like Brenda Fassie, Since then the wave changed

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Song Title: Mary Jan3

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