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Artist Name: Daniel Garrido Williams

Who are you?

i am very much against egos within music, lyrics, and the music industry itself since it is all majority egotistical people. This is where I am different, however. I seperate myself from my music and my listeners by writing about my trauma, pain, and suffering, in doing so I am a very relatable artist through my lyrics and musical theory and knowledge, therefore, id like to think I bring a different element to myself as an independent artist, producer, songwriter, and mixing engineer

Where are you from?

i am from cardiff city, a small place in the heart of wales, the music scene is not too big here at all, and theres not many independent artists here like me

How can we follow you?

I am available on all platforms such as apple music, Spotify, amazon music, deezer, tidal, and all the main streaming platforms, all by the name "Daniel Garrido Williams"

Song Title: Preach

Listen to Daniel Garrido Williams:

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