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Artist Name: deadtomorrow

Who are you?

We asked deadtomorrow how he would describe himself as an artist, here is what he said, "As an artist I’m very versatile at adapting many different sounds to convey what I feel and what others feel because I quite often feel alone and I know people on the other side of the screen also feel the same way."

Where are you from?

deadtomorrow is from Northen Kentucky here is what he said, "We don’t have much of an underground scene in the state apart from myself, yung van, Shizukesa, and residential."

How can we follow you?

Fans can find deadtomorrow by searching up deadtomorrow but primarily SoundCloud and Spotify! His Instagram is also @deadtomorrow__ where he's trying to post regularly.

Song Title: Sequence

Listen to deadtomorrow:

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