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Artist Name: Decade Rapperz

Who are you?

Decade Rapperz is a "TRIO" of artists / producers that committed them selves to making music on a scale of 10outta10 .It all started in 2017 when they decided to combine their different unique music styles and influences to create the amazing sound they always make, this can be heard on their social media / music platforms. Decade Rapperz aims to make music that everyone can adapt to that's why they are always venturing into different styles through Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap/Drill and other popular Genres

Where are you from?

Decade Rapperz was born on July 3, 2001 (age 21) in South Africa. He is a celebrity producer and musical artist. His weight is 75. His height is 1.85. He has Black hair. His eyes color are Black . The SA HIP-HOP music industry is really competitive as alot of the rappers and producers thrive to always deliver the best on every single release they offer. Music videos have become a significant part of the genre in SA and a way for most artists to give their audiences an insight behind the story of the songs.

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Song Title: Forex / Local Scammerzzz

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