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Artist Name: DeeNote

Who are you?

Holly Springs’ very own DeeNote is keeping the dirty south in modern trap music.
The twenty-five-year-old Mississippi-based artist hasn’t always been so thorough with
the music however. Since the age of thirteen he admittedly found himself running the
streets, constantly coming in and out of jail. The negativity consumed him until he had a
realization later in his life that music could be his true ticket out of that lifestyle if he put
his entire heart into the creative process. He had always messed around with it as a
hobby, and became a noted storyteller who could put his life to song and still have a
"superstar" quality to his artistry. His debut project, Life In The HardKnocks, would
showcase his true potential to a much larger audience, producing club bangers as
easily as he could produce street anthems. With a new path moving forward in life,
DeeNote is eager to bring his story to light and serve as a ray of hope to the next

Where are you from?

Holly Springs, Ms ! Tons of talented artist that are overlooked and brushed off, but I'm striving to bring the attention to my city but also the whole Mississippi.

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Song Title: DeeNote – Tick Freestyle (Notemix)

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