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Artist Name: D=emc^2

Who are you?

I make cover art produce and, I dont let my strggles stop me. my music often has a true story to it. Reslely changed on some media as D Lazruz

Where are you from?

I grew up in Xenia ohio with many genes of music. I have a blue check mark on spotfy and, I make all diffrent types of mostly christian music.
I moved to Clarksvile ohio three years ago. more country music here. ive had schzoafftive disoreder ceribel palsy i dance sing and produce and often my music is about my struggles.
my faith and my postive look on life has helped me alot.

How can we follow you?

https://open.spotify.com/artist/6CymaEp16gwmLL4H5Z52SK?si=J8736TvxSo2eZBcsyBJqHQ https://youtu.be/83TnWk9X0BI

Song Title: The Hospital

Listen to D=emc^2:

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