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Artist Name: Dennis the last

Who are you?

I am a loving, Kind person I don't like Violence I love peace between people
I like making love songs and songs which touch the hearts of people
I talk to through music things I am not able to say or express I will be able to do that with music I am able to create a song in minutes.

Where are you from?

I am from Zimbabwe I was born in Harare, I moved to South Africa in 2009 because of the economy in Zimbabwe was going bad…
The music there in Zimbabwe is not bad we have great artist who are creative but I didn't really listen to their music that much like the way I listen to Hip Hop and Rap Shout Out to Amara Brown She's doing the most I won't lie her music is great…I admire her I would like to work with her one day.

How can we follow you?

Follow @dennisthelast on:linktr.ee/dennisthelast

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