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Interview: DJ-SLT-UK

“"Original & a Shepard of music across many genres". could you elaborate more on what you mean by shepard? "Sure, you most artists and producers are so busy chasing the current in trends of sound that most become sheep (same as the next sheep) so they are all doing the same trend, same heavy kickdrum, same rolling quadzillion trap hi-hats and not really standing out in quality of originality or essence." "To me they have already missed the in-trend so pointless trying to recreate the wheel, instead smooth out the edges of a triangle and dig deep to create styles new or old that have your signature on them which could be one type of sound that followers start thinking that's DJ-SLT-UK or MusikHouseStudios….memories last longer than songs so create for the followers first and once you find the right template then mass produce songs using the same template as a starting point".
Awesome, so what is it that drives you to create the songs you do and I must say every song I've listened too is so good?
"To me the key is spend no more than 1 hour creating a complete song, then spend even less time creating the mixdown or master, again having a basic template already set in whichever DAW you use is handy but the main reason is that its way to easy to get heavy in the arrangement and mixdown that you can actually make the song sound worse of than it was when you first created it with the intentions you had for the song in the first place, so use the kiss factor and speed up you creativity process and its kinda important to understand basic song arrangement of what's current but also what's the old types of song arrangement as this is crucial in keeping followers hooked to the end of a song and not just the first 30 seconds, see with my arrangements and especially when I create Instruvocal songs then you wont even hear vocals in the song usually until 1-2 minutes into the song..but it works and to me that is a signature area I'm perfecting 1 song at a time".

"So the song UNDERCURRENT is an Hip-Hop Instrumental that deserves a special rapper or rap group to compliment its feel and presence that pumps out of the song with super cool strings, hard but nice bassline and other cool factors including the bridge section of the song where I mash up the beat and strings to really give a rappers a perfect way to build the song up for the last chorus & outro".
"It also is old school but with new sounds yet kicks serious butt over most of the same same 2 step shite out there to honest, because its authentic in sound and style making it original in todays music".”

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?

Obviously with the global pandemic, nothings happening hence why studio time and pumping out over 300+ completed songs in the last year has been a godsend on that aspect because work dried up for over 12 months and only just coming back which is great as being a sole trader in a niche industry if my equipment isnt being hired daily then no money coming in."" The music scene locally was good in the past but may take some time to re-build as people become more confident in going out to clubs or concerts, heres hoping haha".

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

I would seriously love to produce with Will.I.Am or Dr.Dre on a project/s as I feel and understand the music they create but also would love to hang out with "A Tribe Called Quest" who have been a huge influence on me in music production as some of my songs would show like "Choose Yourself" & "Take Me Home" and not forgetting "Tales Of A Dope MC – Part 1"

How have your life experiences influenced your music?

"There's been some real tough times in the past with close friends and relatives passing to which I draw on those emotions of despair to create Juxta positioning within some of my music, so its like taking the negative times to tell stories of positive times yet using dark melodies or light melodies at the sametime which is a craft in its own right"

How can fans learn more about you?

Can you give us a sample of DJ-SLT-UK music?

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