Does Soundcloud guarantee promotion when uploading my music to the platform?

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No, SoundCloud does not guarantee promotion when you upload your music to the platform.

While SoundCloud offers a platform for independent artists and labels to share their music with a global audience, the promotion of your music is primarily dependent on your own efforts and the engagement of your audience. SoundCloud does offer a range of promotional tools and features, such as reposts, comments, likes, and playlists, which can help increase the visibility of your tracks, but it is ultimately up to you to promote your music and build your fanbase.

To increase your chances of success on SoundCloud, you should focus on creating high-quality tracks, engaging with your fans and other users on the platform, and utilizing SoundCloud’s promotional features to their fullest potential. You may also want to consider working with music promotion services or social media influencers to help expand your reach beyond the SoundCloud community.

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