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Artist Name: Dr. Sounds Hayes

Who are you?

Dr. Sounds Hayes,

God (Scientist) Metaphysicist,

“🪞account of public interest”

Acoustician, Musician and Immensely Diverse Audio Engineer, Super Composer, Singer, Songwriter.

We Admire and Adore his Powerfully Uplifting Voice and His Magnificently Wonderful Spirit.

Originally raised in Pontiac, Michigan, relocated to Detroit at a very young age.

Soon after High School Dr. Sounds Hayes joined and served in the United States Military (U.S.N)

With a great Passion for Music, Audio and High Ambitions of Making the universe a Better place with his One of a Kind Unique Abilities, Dr. Sounds Hayes left the Military and began to pursue True Happiness following his Passion for Science, Music and Audio Engineering.

All of Dr. Sounds Hayes’ records are issued through Dr. Sounds Hayes’ own publishing under the strict permissions of the copyright collective and creator of all the original copyrighted controlled works.

Dr. Sounds Hayes is the owner of all the original copyrighted controlled works provided to the Digital Service Provider SoundCloud (which uses Amazons' AWS Cloud architecture to maintain its DSP platform) under the strict permissions of Dr. Sounds Hayes.

Dr. Sounds Hayes is classified as a Highly versatile Artist and a True Force in the Modern Industries of Science, Law and Music.

Dr. Sounds Hayes is currently working on new music as he Easily Proves that his Abilities as an Engineer and as an Artist are Highly Efficient and Elegantly Outstanding.

Where are you from?

Detroit is ok but, the music scene could be better

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Song Title: Abundance (feat. Jay Z)

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