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Artist Name: Eijiro

Who are you?

I would describe my self as just an “artist” I don’t make a certain style on music I just make what I make Yk?. I like to make music for all feeling, if you tryna get lit let me put “light it up” on you in your bag let me put you in to “famous” I wanna show I can body any beat any style.

Where are you from?

I’m from upstate New York. The music scene down here I think is crazy we got some crazy artists like exwren,Lucy and Joey the kid they just a few I think gonna make it out anytime now

How can we follow you?

Any one that would love to check me out I got some songs in souldcloud under eijiro. My instagram is envyeijiro where you can check out some of my unreleased/ In work songs s

Song Title: Famous

Listen to Eijiro:

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