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Artist Name: Erias7X

Who are you?

I just love music. Music is everything to me. I can’t tell you what type of artist I am to be honest, I’m just me FR. I don’t even have much out at the moment but I feel like I could find a lot of comfort in life to just be me and hella people just FW me cause I’m me.

Where are you from?

I’m from Houston TX, but I was born in Dallas. I was between the ages of 7-8 before we moved to H. I honestly can’t tell you what’s the scene like out here (Besides TS) Growing up my parents weren’t the most conventional music listeners either. But shout out KOBK Tobi and Nick Andre, those 2 really inspire to do more in this.

How can we follow you?

My IG and SoundCloud Erias7X
My Spotify is pretty much the same thing just a space between Erias and 7X.

Song Title: Blade ✦

Listen to Erias7X:


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