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Artist Name: Fooli$h

Who are you?

I would say I’m pretty versatile although I am very picky when it comes to making my beat selection which makes me stand out from alot of artist.

Where are you from?

I’m from Sarasota, Florida and the music scene out here is flooded with talent which is why we’ve chose to stand out and put an LLC behind ours which is Self-Organized Loyal Entertainment aka SOLE for short and Everything Under Loyalty aka EUL for short.

How can we follow you?

We’re everywhere at Everything Under Loyalty but you’ll have to type us in separately on music platforms like Apple and Spotify.

Official website: https://EverythingUnderLoyalty.com

Official YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCEOM-5QO0EN15Oal82msZ_g?sub_confirmation=1

Newest release: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/foolih/red-light-feat-mr-money

The rest of the gang: https://hyperfollow.com/eul100

Song Title: Red Light

Listen to Fooli$h:

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