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Artist Name: fruity

Who are you?

A professional beat maker, sound engineer, incredible dancer and a recording artist. Lungile(fruity)is a multitalented kid from South Africa Mpumalanga Province. 'In My childhood I always practiced afterschool at home. I started making beats when I was 11 YEARS OLD, borrowing my older brother's laptop Khulekani'. FRUITY started to take music seriously. His father was a musician, his brother can sing, FRUITY is also a great performer thanks to his dancing skill.

Where are you from?

I'm from pure Khoi San race from Africa my roots haven't evolve as people do not know their root, the music culture is crazy because every time after school you could hear amplified transport blasting hip hop, Ama piano, my country inverted ama piano genre which is worldwide today. and we the only ones who know the pure Ama piano genre because of the street buzz.

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Song Title: sunset

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