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Artist Name: G. White 55

Who are you?

Versatile. A storyteller. I always try to mix abstract yet real-life images that perfectly describes the events I want to be heard in my music.
It could stem from a childhood memory,to lost love,hustle and motivation,daily struggles and survival of the neglected,then a line in a movie or some books I've read..
Always want to grab an inspiration,always want to create a long-lasting effect on the listener.

My latest project is of Drill genre and it's titled "Top Boy Vol. 1".
3 drill-shes cooked straight from the Top Boy Kitchen by your humble Chef,G. White 55.

Sometimes my tracks ranges from HipHop,Drill,Trap,Afrobeats etc but I mostly get in my zone when a beat plays and it sounds good to ride on.
It's like Sub-Zero entering different realms tryna battle whatever.
That way,more strength is gathered and weaknesses discovered.

Where are you from?

I'm from Ogun State,Southwest Nigeria and you know,it's a whole lot of talents out here doing their thing.
The music scene is a competitive one though.
Different artistes from diverse backgrounds putting in the work tryna be known or signed and at the end of the day,it's just tracks upon tracks with not much attention from the top hunchos in the industry.
Most people don't notice the underground..
That's the way it goes.
Shouts out to my realest Top Boyz,my supportive fanbase and those who's been pushing the Gorgon Disturbance collective steadily past ground level.
Trust the process.
We going big soon.

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow me on social platforms




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Song Title: Top Boy

Listen to G. White 55:

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