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Artist Name: Gaia

Who are you?

For me I'm just honest and to me it's an important aspect in art, being honest and vulnerable
My music is kinda low quality and I just love that shitty old tape sounding stuff, it's like human u now, so unprofessional, like a memory in your head, makes everyone feel better about themselves (hopefully)
Be I the shittiest artist that has ever existed, but I'm an artist nontheless
And that what gets me living
I am my art, I say I am music myself and as ununique as I am, I just wanna be me

Where are you from?

I'm from Armenia, Yerevan
The music here is pretty much all folk or armenian pop, not anything I can take inspiration from but still no matter what there are still some sounds that stay within you growing up and you subconsciously put it in your work.

How can we follow you?

I got the soundcloud account but other than that you can follow me on insta @hopeinahole
But that'a about it for now
Thank youuu, much love

Song Title: Dumb

Listen to Gaia:

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