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Artist Name: Gajja Singh

Who are you?

new wave, I'm bringing a new Genre to the table that's the difference, I did not give up, I made sure my family was good, parents were good kids were good then my music. I come from the world where people don't make it back. From homeless to a father, husband, and a businessman. Now we on a lot more other stuff and music is one of them.

Where are you from?

im from Chicago and music has always been a big part of life out here. Drill, Trap, Jazz, You name it we have it all here. My story is little different though. I came from India at a young age got into the street life. Struggled a lot at my young age. Lived at different home every week. Finally last 10 years I have accomplished everything that I ever wished for except my passion for music. Now I'm taking my time out and trying to get herd, get more exposure. Music has saved my life when I was struggling to survive on the streets and thats how we came real close. All the songs reflect on my past life and how I came out of it and became a good man. Need your help to be herd. Telling you my life story in minutes.

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Song Title: Ikk Chitt

Listen to Gajja Singh:

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