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Artist Name: Genoveva

Who are you?

I do not know the word ''Can't''

Where are you from?

Cristina Genoveva Almonte Rodriguez was born in Pimentel, Duarte province, the Dominican Republic, she is a Bachata performer, from a very young age she had a strong inclination towards music and at the age of 8 belonged to the singing choir of her school thus developing a greater attitude towards art and music.


In January 2001 she met Luis Terror Dias who was her singing and guitar teacher, in the same year traveled to Japan with Crispin Fernandez, Jose Duluc and Luis Dias to an important event called ''Isla Salsa'' where she gave dance workshops Caribbean classes to people promoting Dominican culture.

In May 2002 she participated as a dancer in the "candidate's concert" at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino with Luis Dias.

In 2006 participated in the Cultural Festival of the Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (Acp), which was in the Tribute to Luis Dias "El Terror en vivo" where he was named as a cultural value by ''the Dominican Ministry of Culture''.

In February 2008 she married Luis Dias who died on December 8th 2009, and as a result of his death she decided to pay homage to his best-known works, one of it is the song ''Yo Quiero Andar'', which he takes from the marginality to bachata rhythm in the 80's originally played by Sonia Silvestre, mixing with reggaetón this is with the arrangement of Moises Sanchez, Ernesto Anderson Paredes and Cristina Almonte.

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Song Title: Sin Competencia

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