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Afterthought” is the first single and Long explains, “When I was writing “Afterthought”, I was looking to write an album opener. John wrote “Tonight” off of our 1st full length album “No Saints In The City”. I wanted to try and write one that was just as killer as that one. Who knew it would be our 1st single? I’m like a proud father!”. Merchant adds, “Afterthought” started with another amazing Todd Long riff that celebrates punk rock’s concise, no nonsense, “get to the point” structure. Lyrically the song speaks to the “seen not heard” role played by the arm candy of someone whose narcissistic ego blinds them to the fact that true beauty is found far below surface physical good looks.”

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After drawing attention to themselves in 2020, with their debut EP, Headed West, and 2022 follow up LP No Saints in the City the duo of singer-songwriters John Merchant (former Dutch Henry frontman) and multi instrumentalist Todd Long (previously with The Verve Pipe) aka GHOSTS OF SUNSET have returned with their next shot of melodic hard rock – Breathe

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Song – Afterthought

Song Title: Afterthought

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