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Artist Name: GLEAMM

Who are you?

For the most part, I am not very outgoing and don't have too much of a presence online. Of course the best way to promote my music is by using social media and streaming, and I try to utilize both but always find myself absorbed in the music and less focused on parading myself. I think the world today is desperately in need of more people being real, but still with some level of mystery and fantasy. Finding that balance is something I constantly strive for. I would say that my biggest strength lies in the fact that I make music for myself, not to try to make someone else happy. In terms of the music I make, it is a more down to earth drain gang style, so with a Whitearmour appeal but more soul. I am heavily influenced by Whitearmour, Yung Lean, and a lot of Ye's unreleased (and released) Yandhi, SOTH, and Donda era music.

Where are you from?

I'm originally from south Florida, around the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area. The south Florida music scene was pretty strong and had a big influence on me wanting to get into music, especially during 2017/2018 when the SoundCloud rap scene was a large part of music culture. Artists like X, Ski Mask, and Robb Banks, along with various others were essentially my gateway into music. However, the further I went into music culture in the area, the more I became involved in the growing house and electronic scene in St. Pete. in 2021, I moved to a Chicago suburb, but I find myself working and existing mostly in the city. The music scene here is always strong and there are constantly festivals and shows going on. I think that simply because rap is so huge here, I have begun to gravitate back towards a trap sound.

How can we follow you?

you can DM and follow me on instagram @gleammcreative and follow my soundcloud GLEAMM music at https://soundcloud.com/user-656460272

Song Title: BROKEN

Listen to GLEAMM:

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